Aligning the requirements of ecology and economy in an intelligent way, whilst not omitting the social issues in order to be prepared for the rising challenges of the future – isn’t that just the “new normal” for any well-managed corporation?

As our experience of the last 15 years proves, not really. In the daily race to succeed in the hard key performance indicators like Quality, Innovation, Sales, Market Share and Revenue the “soft key performance indicators of Sustainability” often get prioritized further down, even in the most successful enterprises.

Exactly in these issues we are able to add value to your organization, by supporting you in Environmental, Health and Safety as well as Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility performance as well as related matters such as Management Systems, Life Cycle Management and CO2-Footprint-Improvement, Reputation and Ranking Management, Innovation-, Technology-, and Strategy-Management as well as Business Risk Management.

We comprehend these focus areas as holistic – including product and production in the interests of all stakeholders, from suppliers to customers, from "neighbors" to shareholders – focusing on today, with a strategic view on the future.

We are eCO2value GmbH (UK: eCO2value Ltd., US: eCO2value LLC) – a company that aligns ecological needs with economical facts to create sustainable value, measureable through the CO2-Footprint of your product, service and the company as a whole. We represent 15-30 years of business experience per consultant, collected through achievements and successes with the market and technology leaders in automobile, renewable energy and other industries – and we are operating in all continents of the globe: Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

See on the next pages some of our references and case study examples – as well as pertaining benefits for your organization – furthermore an overview of our services, our team and the ways and means to contact us.

So, go ahead and challenge us!

BMW Group

Be it the Certification of the world’s first Integrated Environmental, Safety & Health and Quality Management System 1999 at BMW South Africa in record time, the world’s first Sustainability Management System Certification for BMW Designworks, USA in 2001 or the only representation of an industry partner right at the heart of an UN World Summit ever with BMW Group at the center of the JWSSD 2002 in South Africa: Guido Prick’s achievements were truly outstanding and unrivalled - even until today.

Manfred Heller, Corporate Senior Vice President Environmental Affairs BMW Group, 2004

Vestas AS

With Guido Prick, now eCO2value LLC we’ve achieved the largest Carbon Footprint reduction ever, 10% within only 1,5 yrs due to the design and implementation of our global SF6-Take- Back-Scheme – a world’s first in Wind Industry.

Jakob Larsen, Corporate Senior Vice President Sustainability, Vestas SE 2012


eCO2value's support, starting 2013 from Strategy issues via Stakeholder Analysis and Materiality Assessment through to Implementation and Operation has improved E.ON SE's environmental performance within sustainability in many ways - measurable e.g. by
- our resumption in the RobecoSAM Sustainability
  Yearbook in “Bronze” 2015, as well as
- our re-entry into the DJSI Global and Europe indices
  in 2016, and
- our ranking “Silver” in the RobecoSAM Sustainability
  Yearbook 2016 including the award "RobecoSAM
  Industry Mover Sustainability" for the largest
  improvement within the top 15% of the industry in

Bernhard Grünauer (Sustainability Manager) and Dr. Andreas Röhrig (Vice President Sustainability), E.ON SE 2017

"3R" - a holistic Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility management that effectively and efficiently saves Resources, minimizes Risks and improves Reputation.

To set up your organization the best possible way for the future through the entire value chain, throughout the entire product or service life cycle – on the basis of your CO2-Footprint as the undisputed global sustainability key performance indicator, including CO2 as the future global

ecological currency *.

* In order to limit the greenhouse effect-based global temperature rise and consequently the financial consequences of approx. 15.000 billion $ until 2100 as per Stern Report (2006), 194 States agreed in Cancún 2010 a limit of maximum two degrees Celsius by 2050 - compared to the average temperature before industrialization, as well as cuts in CO2 emissions between 50-80% until 2050.

According to the Carbon Tracker Initiative and the International Energy Agency this represents a CO2 emission limit between 565 to 886 billion to (Gt) of CO2 until 2050. Hence a global CO2 emission trade scheme for pertaining CO2 pollution rights via certificates is currently developing. Current local markets exist in the EU, Mexico, Korea, China and some US States, with a current price range in the EU on a ton of CO2 of about 3-12 € due to the economical go-slow. This price is expected to rise to 12-20 € or more in future due to rising climate-related pressure as well as economical growth – with the revenues from this CO2 Market to be invested in climate protection measures.

Therefore, those corporations that reduce their CO2 Footprint now can benefit in several ways:

  • Immediate increased sustainability performance and improved reputation,
  • Immediate cost savings through reduced resource consumption,
  • Future additional revenues through selling of - due to the increased sustainability performance - unused CO2 pollution rights in the developing global CO2 Market,
  • Future additional cost savings through avoidance of expensive investments under stakeholder, legislative and time pressure.
  • Performance-oriented and strategic with a sense for visions including a clear idea of how to implement these visions step by step, as well as authenticity in communication and motivation - all this on a solid foundation of ethics, integrity and personal courage.

    We believe your organization deserves a dedicated partner that does not only present a list of projects with impressive client names - but also presents you the individuals that achieved these results for these clients.

    We believe you deserve to consult an agency that serves your issues individually on location, side by side with you to achieve the best that you can achieve - and hence a partner that will not stop until you are satisfied, in a transparent and measurable manner through clearly defined key performance indicators.

  • Are you sure you have done the best to reduce the resource consumption and minimize the unnecessary cost related to the environmental performance of your organization?
  • How far do you believe you have managed to minimize safety & health related risks and maximized satisfaction as well as retention of human capital, not to speak of minimization of related cost?
  • Are you aware of how much a simple continuous improvement in just a few prioritized areas can affect the triple bottom line, as well as the reputation and rating of your company in the eyes of your stakeholders and shareholders?
  • Do you have sufficient personnel resources to deliver the above in the light of continuous social and political change towards more sustainability, and increasing
  • regulation,
  • responsibility for product & production,
  • transparency and reporting requirements,
  • reputational efforts and
  • pressure to reduce on environmental cost?

  • If you are in a position to tick off these four challenging tasks as "done", we congratulate you on your successful quest towards a "sustain-able corporation".

    If you lack one or more of these tasks, we encourage you to contact us for a dialogue on the issues that matter to you – by phone, by Skype or if manageable in person and on location.

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